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Agriculture & Food

Most of the Afghans don’t have the benefit of picking up food from the corner store — they grow it themselves. A family’s plot of land has to provide for their nutritional and economic needs. ADWSO works with families to ensure quality inputs, good crop yield, and a fair price at local markets. In Afghanistan agriculture provides the main source of household income and is the primary means of food security for most of the population. The farmers face incredible obstacles: soaring prices for food, seeds, and other supplies; outdated technology; unfavorable or limited access to markets and financial services; and poor soil and water resource management. However, with the right investments and development assistance,


The educational services provided by ADWSO in Transitional Centers focus on non-formal education for the most vulnerable children who have dropped out of school due to financial constraints. Through accelerated classes, catered to their needs, they are offered the opportunity to continue their education in a supportive environment. To ensure holistic development, they are provided essential life skills lessons and psychosocial support alongside academic learning. Upon completing the non-formal education program, these children are enrolled in formal schools, offering them a pathway to a brighter future.

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Child Protection

Child protection refers to the safeguarding of children from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. It involves identifying signs of potential harm


Non Formal Education

Non-formal learning takes place outside formal learning environments but within some kind of organizational framework.


Small Business

Small business is the beginning of a kind of success 

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