An equitable and sustainable society where people live in peace and dignity.


To promote sustainable, socially inclusive, and gender-equitable processes. We enable vulnerable communities with a focus on enabling youths, women, and children to achieve a dignified quality of life.

Governing Board (GB)

Professionals from the fields of Management, Economy, Agriculture, and Law. Presently it has five members. GB is the topmost decision-making body in ADWSO. The GB has all the necessary power to carry out the objects of the organization and for the management of its affairs.

Strategic Plan

Early in 2019, the ADWSO Board of Management updated the strategic plan, and we succeeded to develop our strategic plan for 2019-2022 to cover the greatest Afghan community challenges through comprehensive analysis.

We believe the strategic plan is a great step in orienting our focus and furthermore, in the improvement of our organization’s activities. The plan is to endorse by the board members for the implementation.