Survey and Research

Surveys are a fundamental part of social science research. The survey and research also serve as essential inputs and tools for program, policy, evaluation, assessing the effectiveness of new initiatives, measuring the salience of a community, organization or idea, and many more ADWSO is committed to being professionally and socially responsible in the communities in which we work, live and belong.

ADWSO covers a wide array of surveys and research on education, population and demography, health, agriculture, security, market, and economic. We believe accurately defining needs will provide and determine the basis for realistic and implementable strategies, plans, and processes.

We must understand where we have been to better determine where we should go in the future.

To fulfill this objective, we support the government and the grassroots communities and identifying their needs, and analyze the prioritize plan and projects accordingly. We initiate advocacy efforts to synergize the social, economic needs of target communities.  Hence, survey ad research is our mediums speak out our efforts. We undertake survey and research on:

  • Education
  • Population and demography annexure
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Security
  • Market and economics

With proven talents in a wide variety of survey and research methods, we are able to design strategies that yield reliable and valid findings. We have developed a strong reputation for our ability to synthesize a wide range of information originating from a variety of sources and methods. We use innovative approaches in undertaking surveys and researches such as digital mobile Open Data Kit (ODK), Survey Monkey, and other online tools and to analyze the data. Where not possible, our expert experienced research and survey projects using offline analysis software viz. SPSS and Nvivo software.