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Promote Good Agriculture Practices

Most of the Afghans don’t have the benefit of picking up food from the corner store — they grow it themselves. A family’s plot of land has to provide for their nutritional and economic needs. ADWSO works with families to ensure quality inputs, good crop yield, and a fair price at local markets. In Afghanistan agriculture provides the main source of household income and is the primary means of food security for most of the population. The farmers face incredible obstacles: soaring prices for food, seeds, and other supplies; outdated technology; unfavorable or limited access to markets and financial services; and poor soil and water resource management. However, with the right investments and development assistance,

these small farmers hold the potential not only to improve their lives but also to contribute to a safer, healthier, and more secure food and agriculture system for everyone.

ADWSO works with farmers, agri-business, communities, and local governments to provide food, increase incomes, and improve environmental sustainability — while also addressing the root causes of conflict. ADWSO has the capability to build the farmers’ capacity to analyze their livestock and poultry production systems, to identify their main constraints, and to test possible solutions, eventually identifying and adopting the practices most suitable to their farming system. We work to support agriculture in the following areas:

  • Improved agricultural and post-production practices for adoption, facilitating their access to resources towards an increase in production, high incomes, and improved nutrition.
  • Extend modern methods of farming to farmers aimed at ensuring household food security and increase income.
  • To improve irrigation service delivery and productivity of irrigated agriculture with effective integrated water resource management.
  • Facilitate in the training of women farmers in income-generating activities such as kitchen gardening, grape trellising, melon production, and orchard management.
  • Build the capacity of the farmers in weed control
  • To improve the knowledge level of the farmers on best animal husbandry practices/techniques.
  • To support poultry development and production for both meat and egg production purposes.

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