Empower Women

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ADWSO has been playing an important role in bringing positive changes in the lives of women by working on the issues of their concerns like gender mainstreaming, domestic violence, livelihood generation, and health. ADWSO seeks initiatives to ending violence against women and girls at home, in their communities, and in disaster and conflict situations. The ultimate goal is to facilitate equal opportunity for women and support economic growth and helps to reduce poverty and inequality. To deliver this result and improve the lives of women, ADWSO will innovate on women’s initiative empowerments as:

  • Increasing women’s voice in decision-making, leadership, and peace-building
  • Creating employment opportunities for improving their livelihoods and security
  • Development of leadership within the communities and linking them with government and non-government facilities.
  • Providing vocational, health, and education skills and opportunities
  • Conduction of greatest of women and girl’s awareness campaign
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