Facilitate Resolution of Conflicts and Peace Building

More than anything Afghanistan needs peace. This requires the meaningful and active participation of all stakeholders and conflicting parties. ADWSO creates the foundation upon which peace may be built to encourage and mediate and culture of tolerance, mutual understanding, respect, and forbearance.

ADWSO commits to work with people, especially – but not only – in areas where conflict is present or peace is threatened, to awaken and develop their awareness that peace is within their grasp; empower them with the knowledge and skills relevant to their situation; and to facilitate conflict prevention, resolution and transformation. This involves research, training,

sensitization, advocacy, building trust, networking, and relation. We work to figure out a profound understanding of the causes of conflict; a readiness to listen, learn, and mold approaches that respond to specific circumstances; and the capacity to deliver services that are relevant, timely, and effective.

Communities need to learn skills to appropriately manage their conflicts internally. By learning mechanisms of conflict resolution and active participation, they can continuously handle difficult situations after the external actors. The organization interventions are:

  • Training in Conflict Prevention, Management, Resolution, Transformation (CPMRT) and Peacebuilding
  • Increased capacity of target communities, CSOs and CBO to prevent and/or respond to conflict
  • Research, Documentation, and Information dissemination
  • To design and share knowledge and experience through networking
  • Networking and Advocacy
  • Working with and through the media to promote Peace-Building
  • Facilitation of CPMRT and peace-building events – conferences, workshops, and meetings
  • Networking to mainstream conflict-sensitivity in development, humanitarian assistance, and peace-building work
  • Consultancy in areas of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and capacity building
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